How do your online auctions work?

All of our online actions are hosted by Bidopia, an online auction service. To bid in our online auctions, you need to create an account. Once you log in to Bidopia, you will be able to bid on items.

How to I create a Bidopia account?

From our Auctions page, click the “Current Auction” button. This takes you to a list of up coming auctions, click on the one you want and it will take you to Bidopia’s website. Next, click “Create account,” and fill out the form. When you go to place your first bid it will ask you for credit card information.¬† Bidopia does not ask for or keep the 3 digit code on the back of the card to protect you identity. Therefore, if you are using the card you entered we will have to communicate after the sale so I can get the final information from you.

Once you’ve confirmed your account, return to our Auctions page. ¬†Click the “Login to Bid” button again, but this time enter your username and password to log in.

I’m having trouble creating an account or logging in to Bidopia on your site. What should I do?

Just give us a call and I will help you through the process. 563-387-7051